Introducing BinanceMax

BinanceMax is the first decentralized AMM exchange with built-in charts, indicators and trading tools, also offers futures, margin trading with up to 100x leverage and batches Daily lottery draw worth 5 to 50 BNB for 3 lucky owners. smart chain network.

A new revolution in the Defi space.
What is a $BMAX token.
$BMAX is the utility token of BinanceMax project, it is not just another meme token, but a meme with real world usecase, 100% community owned.
Tax 5%
BMax token is an automatic liquidity generator and automatic token burning with smart mirror staking mechanism, there is 5% automatic tax on each transaction (transfer, buy or sell), this means you will get more tokens just by holding $BMAX.
Low supply with only 1 trillion tokens
BMax has a very low supply of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens compared to other memes, this low supply builds BMax price faster than other memes and is built using bsc distributed ledger technology.
3% tax redistributed
3% is clone staking bonus, liquidity creation and recording mechanism, this helps to reward holders, secure our smart contract, increase liquidity and reduce supply.



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