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6 min readJul 7, 2021

The most basic piece of equipment you can bundle in the crypto ecosystem is a platform that provides solid trading signals and analysis, the crypto space is a volatile and unpredictable environment. are in need of a precise framework to act back.

BinanceMax is a BSC AMM Exchange platform that provides you with the necessary utilities and tools, will support you to work and stay safe in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the BinanceMax platform is a chart to increase your benefits. as it incorporates trading graphs capable of serving as a market guide for its clients.

Beginners in the crypto space are often exposed to temporary cycles of platforms to help them exchange efficiently, and this is one of the factors affecting complete alignment and dependence. into crypto all over the world, as there are very few reliable trading platforms, however you can go in a different direction with BinanceMax by tapping into its huge highlights.
The BINANCEMAX platform will provide all the essential crypto capabilities, with the best and efficient machines to serve the reason, it will help to observe market costs and token accessibility, like using the biggest DeFi protocols to give you the benefit you want in the crypto market.

With regards to the best crypto exchange you will ever go through when it comes to securing and getting a trading system, BinanceMax has some highlights that are particularly important for its strong growth, and so are they;

• BinanceMax AMM Exchange:
The BinanceMax Programmable Market Maker, is the mainstay of functionalities in the BinanceMax platform as it contains all the required crypto exchange capabilities, such as trading highlights, tokens Trading instruments and indicators, trading charts and futures trading. The evolution of the BinanceMax exchange is coded to help you in the cycles of amplifying your interest in the crypto space.

This component efficiently and feasibly merges the elements of a pooled exchange and a decentralized exchange to minimize any predictable terms that will affect a profitable trading experience. your benefit and benefit.

• BinanceMax Daily Lottery Program:
With a deliberate way of dealing with reward holders in the platform, BinanceMax has established a normal Lottery program that will regularly select three of the platform holders to pay out 5–50 Price. For BNB value, customers of the BinanceMax platform will always be a necessity as the platform is putting forth all potential efforts to ensure an efficient and effective trading experience.

Lots of other rewards will be granted day by day as long as you are holding up to 0.25 worth of local BMAX tokens.

More data on BinanceMax Daily Lottery program can be obtained,

.Security, Health and Straightforwardness:
It’s clear that digital resources are prone to abuse and hacking, and we have measures in place to slow that opportunity. As a decentralized exchange, we need to make our transactions and records simple and open.
Your investments and resources are secured by tamper proof smart contracts, simply available to you with your own new key or card. The BinanceMax platform is a haven for your investments.

• Inconsistent governance:
The BinanceMax platform is not regulated by a single authority, the selections and changes to be made in the platform will include all separate symbol holders in the space and also no outsiders. related to any cycle.

The platform is doing this to enhance usefulness as well as security and further ensure all individuals from the platform are treated with dignity no matter what.

.Vision and mission
The goal of BinanceMax is clear and simple. They focus on establishing fairness between centralized and decentralized exchanges and systems, which will allow them to integrate all the important features that are applicable in centralized exchanges. into their DeFi platform. BinanceMax also plans to introduce an AMM exchange that will be combined with built-in trading tools and charts. This will facilitate acceleration in future product offering and margin trading with approximately 100x leverage adopted on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

.security and safety
BinanceMax is built on a distributed technology system, all transactions are completely visible and transparent on the intelligent biological network.
In BinanceMax, all transactions are processed through the use of smart contracts, all funds are onsmart contract keys, and the BinanceMax team has no access to user funds nor private keys. multiply. multiply. multiply . tight security in all of our smart contracts and platforms.

Road map
2nd quarter of 2021
- Organize the first developer and team meeting towards the development of the project.
- Social media and channel creation
- Tokenomics and business model development.
- Establish a proven marketing plan
- BMAX token development
- Launch our bonus promotions and airdrops
3rd quarter of 2021
Start active marketing to sell BinanceMaxtokens, launch GOMax locking platform
- Launch private community discount program with 30% discount
- Burn 20% of the total supply
- open for public sale through IDO platforms like Dxsale, Trustswap, bscpad, etc.
- Smart contract audit
- Ownership is republished
- listing on pancakeswap
- Start daily raffle for 3 lucky winners
- Start marketing and partnering with top social media influencers and public figures
- List of cmc and coinnecko
Quarter 4 of 2021
- List of cmc and coinnecko
- expanding projects and partnerships
- List of hotbit, whitebit, coinbit
- launch the first decentralized exchange AMM built
-in charts and trading tools
- Launch full administrator
- liquidity dex mining and exchange program
- launch decentralized futures trading with up to 100x leverage
- Development of our lending and borrowing platform
- launch decentralized margin trading
- Submit application to list BMAX on top exchanges
- Update official report….

BMAX is the key cash of the ecosystem and it is 100% owned by the community. Tokenization is a self-robotized liquidity generation system and the tokens automatically consume wisely. There is a programmed 5% rating on each exchange (move, buy or sell).
Total supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000 and After that it will decrease by consuming 20% ​​of tokens as token improvement is improving.
Pre-sale is currently happening. Round two of the pre-sale is open and open to already whitelisted participants.
1 BNB = 350,000,000 BMax for private investors only. The remaining allocation is 62 BNB.
To join the sale you can visit this link:

Unicrypt liquidity and sales 365,584,875,000 BMax
Initial Fire Token 200,000,000,000 BMax
Private Revenue Total 160,25,400,000 BMax (60% will be allocated)
Initial Lottery Group 100,000,000,000 BMax
Liquidity and Sales YSEC 74,164.725,000 BMax
Team and developer 50,000,000,000 BMax (to be awarded)
Bonuses, bugs, promotions 50,000,000,000 BMax
Total 1,000,000,000,000 BMax . Tokens

Our team consists of blockchain experts, smart contract developers, financial experts, marketing and business professionals with a great passion for cryptography and decentralization. to help strengthen the security of our platform against attackers and to ensure no one has major control over the binanceMax project, however, some teams choose other ways to improve their reputation project.

BinanceMax gives you the ability to trade in the most solid structure imaginable by effectively using diagrams and learning systems to help guide you along the way. This will save you from a lot of extra costs and bad luck, your investments with BinanceMax are guaranteed to yield positive results and your chance to use our tools and highlights the foundation is permanent.

Official website:
Official report:

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